The MAG Silver situation has me concerned ... I know we have great relationships with the/our residents but still  ... what a black cloud!!  Anyone following the situation?

MAG Silver (MVG) ( given 48 hours to get out of Cinco de Mayo
A bit of a stop press report, arriving at this desk late Sunday afternoon. According to reports, The ‘El Barzón’ group that had its leader and his wife assassinated recently and claim that MAG silver ( (MVG) was behind the killing, yesterday afternoon resolved to kick MAG out of its Cinco de Mayo project. Here’s Mexico’s newspaper of record, Reforma (13):
Landholders from Benito Juárez in the municipality of Buenaventura, decided during an official assembly to expel the Canadian mining company Cascabel (wholly owned subsidiary of MAG Silver) and establish a 100 year prohibition on exploration by any mining company that wishes to establish operations in the zone.
“This agreement, reached with 240 of the 400 total landowners present, is homage to the sacrifice of the life of our compatriot Ismael Solorio and of his wife Martha Solis, assassinated in the environmental fight of this zone”, commented Luz Estelka Castro, the groups lawyer.
The 240 landholder members means that quorum was made and of the 240 present the vote was reportedly unanimous. Here are more details from this report (14) from Mexico’s daily Progreso.


MAG has responded but in Mexico you are often seemingly guilty until you months later are proven innocent.

Makes me shake my head as MAG's Cinco de Mayo find is a magnificent piece of exploration!

Buena suerte a todos AND the company!