"Again, this is ridiculous".

very true, something is

"So far, I haven't heard a reasonable criticism to my posts".

reasonable gives what reasonable gets

"Does anyone give a tihs about the facts here"?

just enough to not engage those that don't

"I haven't been a member long enough to decipher your bashing of me... am I supposed to feel undermined by the fact my mine count is 7?? whatever that means."

actually, your ignore count is up to 11 and counting. well done thou good and faithful servant

"And what is more meaningful in the announcement than the number of OZs".

your DD is outstanding

"I'm starting to think this stock isn't a buy bc everyone is seemingly scared to contemplate (or at least say) why they own it. This is not a good sign."

your deductive powers are penetrating. an irrefutable conclusion, very bad sign, time to move on.

"please add something constructive so I'm not wasting my time."

if you don't deem my post contructive, please accept in advance, my apologies for wasting your time. i know you would never stoop so low as to waste the board's time