But for those interested in another very oversold gold junior that has yet to lift-off like many others, take a look at JAG.


$13 stock 2 years ago trading for $1.00 currently, I don't think it even gets back to $2.50 to be honest but that would still be a double from these levels.  Haven't taken too deep a look into fundamentals but the chart looks great with a inverted head and shoulders pattern forming.  Strong support @ $1.00 and no real resistance till $1.05 and if it gets through there it looks like it has $1.50 or so until any resistance.



I'd use a tight stop but the risk / reward is very nice on this trade in my opinion if gold and silver do break-out here you're looking at 5% downside with 50% upside.

Congrats once again to NES holders on recent break-out