GQC now has 2 great holes and CSQ just came up with a great one. GCU has numerous great holes and although the market has given GCU a higher value in terms of cap, I would give the edge to NES with some higher grades.

Does anyone know of a Jr that can top what NES has drilled up?

"Some" of Newstrikes' great results:

275m @ 1.43g/t au

112m @ 2.51 g/t au

190m @ 3.52 g/t au

116m @ 4.71 g/t au

120m @ 4.60 g/t au

214m @ 3.00 g/t au

  52m @ 6.90 g/t au

119m @ 3.76 g/t au

317m @ 5.80 g/t au (including 231m @ 7.51 g/t au)

113m @ 2.51 g/t au

282m @ 1.40 g/t au

259m @ 2.57 g/t au

  81m @ 2.19 g/t au

102m @ 1.22 g/t au

I think a buyout offer will come after the 43-101resource calculation is completed. Great post by taylor1988 really paints the picture here: