• Gold recovery rates on Cells 1-5 are 80.51% after an average of 192 days, now significantly exceeding expectations indicated in the Company's Preliminary Economic Assessment ("PEA").
  • Gold recovery rates in Cells 6A and 6B are 55.87% after 96 days. These cells are being utilized to further broaden the Company's leach experience on different crush sizes of mineralization and different agglomeration rates.
  • Gold dore produced amounts to 3,389 ounces of gold and 13,211 ounces of silver. The average price of gold received to date is $1255.36/ounce. The average silver price received to date is $20.39/ounce.  A further 600 ounces of gold and 12,000 ounces of silver are anticipated to be recovered over the next several months.

President & CEO Northern Vertex Mining Corp., states, "Gold recoveries are continuing to exceed our expectations and are now well above those assumed in the PEA. The Pilot Plant has enabled us to continue to significantly de-risk the Moss Mine project by stress testing the physical attributes and leach kinetics of our mineralization in an operating environment, something that is pretty unique for a company at our stage of development. This will stand us in good stead as we move towards Phase II and commercial production."