The prize would be about 30 million tonnes of viable ore, or about 8 million cubic meters. Expressed as a cube for the sake of visualizing it, the size would be 200m x 200m x 200m. Right now you have two lenses within two conduits. One widens to 11 meters, and we don't know its extent in the other dimensions. In other words we have found a couple of roads, but we are still looking for the parking lot. What size road do you need to suggest a 200m parking lot? We are in the right order of magnitude. It is a good result. On the other hand the market cap is already anticipating success, so that anything short of a complete parking lot is interpreted as failure. Current price has overshot. Based upon the one target you could justify about $30m. Based upon the entire claim block and multiple showings, maybe two to three times that. Fifty cents is not unrealistic. I sold half my holding near $0.6 to hedge my bets. I am certainly willing to put it back in at $0.35 - clock just got the better of me this aft and the session ended before I could trade.