We're so early days guys, the play is just getting off the ground. We did drill three targets this year, hit spectacular holes on two targets, and got some PGM's in the last set of results, very nice.


A lot of people we're thinking that by announcing the semi-massive news it was "oh boy here we go bad news coming from assays and they are preparing the market." Not so, not so by a long shot.


Theres always been the semi-massive stuff, its been known about for quite a while, the Danes saw quite a bit, its very well exposed and theres a lot of it, the problem is it does not show up in their surveys because it isn't a very good conductor. It is a legit target that has to be looked at. Remember we are just a few kilometers from tidewater and shipping by sea is by far the cheapest option available to anyone, its so cheap every smelter that needs feed (and its a sellers market) in the world would take this stuff let alone the high grade imo.


Thats what seaborne freight does for ya!


So whats next? Well, it has to be a two pronged attack; they need to go after an economic deposit while at the same time conducting a large field program looking for new discoveries.


Believe me when I say raising money will not be a problem for NAN. 2012 was spectacular, I own shares/warrants and will be buying more. 2013 is going to be exciting...