That's entirely up to management.The next drill program will have to be a big one,in order to prove to the market,that this is as big as it's being made out to be.Another 9 hole program isn't going to do that.It will take $5-10 million dollars and a hundred holes spread out over the whole property ,with consistent grades,to get the attention of investors.When the meteorite tore off the top,it essentially saved the company $i00 million,because we are already at the ore level.

The company would have to be drilling 8 months straight with top results coming in every week so they could pump it to an enthusiastic public.A 4 month drill with intermittent results will never get this going.Not in this environment.

After the next PP,we will be well above 100 million shares plus warrants and options,so unless they can promote the bejeez out of this,through extensive,solid drill results,and a hype machine,this could still be sitting at .16 in a year.It's all up to the company.The Sentient group and VMS are there backing them up.

Phone the company and get some info.Rick Mark will gladly talk to you on the phone,but he dislikes answering e-mails.Let us know what you hear.Good luck!