NAN so far-


  • First hole (MQ-12-001) beginning from 5 metres (m) below surface, intersects:
    • 16.41m @ 1.36% Nickel (Ni), 0.52% Copper (Cu) & 0.07% Cobalt (Co)
    • 5.12 m @ 2.2% Ni, 0.55% Cu & 0.07% Co from 11.82m.
      Mineralization was located within an EM conductor defined by NAN 2012 Versatile Time-Domain Electromagnetic (VTEM) survey.
  • Second hole (MQ-12-002) beginning from 4m below surface intersects:
    • 66.08m @0.55% Ni, 0.2% Cu & 0.02% Co.
    • 14.18m @ 1.33% Ni, 0.38% Cu and 0.04% Co from 55.90m.
      Mineralization was located within an EM conductor defined by the NAN 2012 VTEM survey.
    •                              ------------------------------------



The composition of Ni-Cu sulphide ores varies. Usially su? de ores contains sul? de ores 
contain from 3 to 5.5% nickel, and the contents of copper (Cu) in rich sul? de ores (?uF?S
chalcopyrite, ?u
S chalcosine) reaches 3-5%. 
The ores mined by the Polar division are partly extremely Cu rich >20%, but the average 
grades are 1.63% Ni, 2.79% Cu.
 The ores 
mined by KMMC contains < 1% Ni and <0.5% 
Cu. Accordingly to International Mining (2006) 
the  ore composition of underground mining facilities on the Kola Peninsular is 0.67% Ni and 
0.31% Cu respectively.
 Therefore, in order to 
obtain a ? nished product, the ore must ? rst be 
re? ned. 
Noront-from feasibility study
nickel 1.68%-copper0.87%
Voisey's Bay-
1.63% nickel-0.85% copper
- Companhia Vale do Rio Doce (CVRD) announces ... of 173 million metric tons over its life with an average grade of 1.52% nickel and 1.22% of copper.
Falconbridge (of which Noranda owns 55 %) produces nickel and copper at its world class nickel copper deposits at Sudbury, Raglan and Kidds Creek. Sudbury division is comprised of five underground mines. The Onaping – Craig mine produce 42% of Sudbury’s output. Sudbury Division has estimated proven and probable reserves of 23.5 Mt grading at an average of 1.55% nickel and 1.33% copper.