Time to join forces with VMS, the market cap of NAN is small making it an easy take over target.  If the pending results sparkle a little like these ones any company can own NAN for the price of a medium size drill program.

With approximate 2Mil cash on hand and all the work that has been done on this property to date, which is certainly worth a few million--we'll call it 2Mil for argument sake; the realized take over cost would be roughly $8 Million Dollars !!! Imagine that, I could own a potential Sudbury basin for $8 Million Dollars !!!  --I wonder if the the bank would give me a loan--A guy would have trouble retiring on a million dollars today.

The problem is cash, the question is how do we go forward from here? A private placement provides easy cash and calms short term nerves, but dilutes the stuffing out of the stock thus creates long term downward pressure; we are already close to 125million fully diluted--I believe VMS's float is part of the problem with it's stock price.

An amalgamation or merger of some kind would be beneficial to the shareholders of booth companies; VMS share holders get a potential Sudbury basin for $8 Million Dollars !!! and NAN share holders get the high grade Reed Lake mine with it's potential for vast expansion and guaranteed solid cash flow without share dilution to verify what we all think we have.

With a unified company with a larger asset base and cash flow, the next move would be to graduate to the TSX and from there the world is our oyster.