I've been told that the results will be out early next week.Based on the lack of buying,the results,imo,didn't match anything that KO came up with in the 60's...to this point.They began receiving results a liitle over a week ago,and decided to wait until the elections were over to release the results.Again imo,if the first couple of holes,or any subsequent holes would have matched the KO results,they would have released them,and followed up with further results after,hoping to corroborate them,and giving the stock price a push.Usually,when companies wait like this,it's because they are hoping the later results will be better than the first ones.I think the delay is because they're trying to figure out how to spin it.

I have bought and will be holding for the summer drill program,but I'm not too optimistic about these first results.I think they'll prove nickel is there,but these numbers won't stand out.This is a two year play,so the first few holes won't be killers,and there appears to be a ton of potential,based on the surveys.Hope I'm dead wrong,but don't think I am.We'll know next week.