Threre are several factors to consider here, you weigh the options.


Two traunches, both dated earlier than actual newswire release date, full details of transaction not released until second traunch complete. (this has now become a habit)  Thier own website is TWO news releases behind at the time of this post (11 days late)

Fancy legal footwork utilizing sub clauses to avoid disclosure rules and more importantly shareholder protection.  "61-101 respecting protection of minority security holders in special transactions...such purchases constitute a "related party transaction". However, the transaction is exempt from the valuation and minority shareholder approval requirements..." It is never good when management makes special efforts to avoid respecting current shareholder rights and worse that it is hidden until post action to avoid any chance of protest or smart money selling)

Insiders selling common shares prior to PRIVATE placement participation (shareholders left out again)

"a cash finder's fee of 8.5% to Marquest Capital Markets and Casimir Capital Ltd.", does this mean net 17%?  In proper English "and" means "in addition to", "to each" is represented by "or". (look it up)  The way these gentlemen twist wording on a regular basis this should not be ignorned AND/OR considerd just a typo.


Management is investing at approx. 0.06-0.07 per share, and our mystery European investor is back in for 0.10.  Using the highest value of 0.10 and a quantity roughly equivalent to 10% of the total share float management is valuing the company at less than current market cap. (approx 14-16MM)


This is not unique, the same tactics were used the last time they didn't need another financing.

As the light says, wait a few weeks and get in closer to what your management team actually values your shares at.  There is a four monthhold before management can dump shares, my prediction is MTO will release news of RECORD production 3 days before the four month hold period is complete.  October 10 is a date you will want to mark on your calendar.

The positive:

You have the closest thing to security that this company has ever offered, anything you purchase or hold from this date forward will be worth 0.10 until Oct 15, after that date it is buyer beware.