you should notice they've been changing their tune that they started only predicting 16K fiscal year ended June, with 60K still predicted July 13 to June 14.

some scattered thoughts....

I have had a local holiday season here and have been intensively studying their past docs and future projections. Comical how confident they've been in the past when they could see nothin going wrong to mess up their plan, but I think one good month with a breakout well over 3000 oz should give everyone a huge boost.Can't speak for the share price reaction to that as in today's world who knows what the market will be doing, we're hated so much.

in going over their numerous pr's of drill intercepts, their grades are definitely cumulatively underwhelming. Seems to me their additions to reserves are gonna be well under their current 7.3 g/t average.


I was very upset with the last dilution, seemed wholly foolish.

In a way, mto has been one of the poster boys for overpromising and underdelivering, BUT they are on the cusp of truly profitable eps production in just a few months at most it would seem.


too cheap here and have bought a bunch and wanna load up with lots more if I can scrounge up meaningful cash...