Much of the recent SP fall is directly attributable to the handling of press releases of late.

Gold is in a downtrend, costs are rising and new reporting requirements make it harder to "hide" real costs.

With headwinds like this miners cannot afford to miss targets.  MTO is so out of touch with reality in it's reporting long term investors just expect them to miss.  Unfortunately RP decided to generate new shareholder interest with wildly exaggerated claims even as reporting becomes more stringent.

"news release says  cash cost of US $ 464/oz gold"

Miners who have misses targets gets pounded, most try to explain the shortfall.  Fire as OSK, transformer failure at CUM, insurgence in Mali, but MTO has no reason, not even the courtesy to infom shareholders of who, what, why and most importantly when.  When is still over a year ago, the only retatement of projected targets has been from a paid radio show, absolutely mind boggling.

I urged share holders to vote at the last AGM, instead of positive action the dissention resulted in protectionist measures, very much like a dictatorship.  Power has been taken from the share holder (owners) of the company.  The irony of the situation is that Sprott could buy the whole company in cash for less than 1/10 of their inital investment for the now dilluted to less than 10% of the shares.  Essentially paying to recover their own money for pennies the dollar.

Worse than promising and not acheiving repeatedly, they have yet to explain or address their short comings and put out press releases with bigger exaggerations than the last, a news ponsi scheme.