Management protects their position just prior to revealing to the workers targets are not acheivable.-imho

If they want to stay employed they take "a pay cut" or more accurately lose any chance for the bonus structure that was just recently introduced.

This is a step down from moving towards production, but what else is new.  Sometimes I think these guys don't want to start up the mine and run it for a living.  More fun and easier to appear on TV or Radio and read stories from the blueskies playbook.

If no results tomorrow this will continue to grind down, if results show what I suspect it will drop lower.

A surprise to the upside would turn this on a dime, unfortunately it has been years since management has surprised to the upside.  It's always been overpromise and no deliver.

Bach. was producing but the disonnection of a saftey switch prior to the mysterious flooding of the mine ended that suddenly.   Rehabilitation took longer than the orginal restoration period-because of one switch?  Upgrading a mill on three separate occassions without ever havin production coming even close to overloading the mill?  Then oversize it 2/3 just for giggles?  The grade needs to be better to run 2/3 but MTO can't even fill it to 1/2.  Is this really moving forward?

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