IF and it's a big IF - Ron is finally telling the truth MTO will have a rotten April, a better May and maybe an actual producing mine by year end (July) and beyond.

Unfortunately it may be too late as the US economy is improving, the gold safehaven status is fundamentally broken and the gold $$ to expenses ratio is still an MTO secret.

Good luck longs I do not see any profit here (been a few years since I have), the trading range is as broken as the management.  Nobody can predict share price when the directors are deceivers.  The macro story for gold is in unpresidented change and those that miss targets will be punished unequal to the crime.

The Que gov't, management actions, extraction costs and lack of incoming capital add up to a sad story.


Here is an article that gives some insight into the PUMPER/BASHER world.  This has nothing to do with MTO other than to assist you to identify who might not be what they appear.


Good luck, time to close the book and enjoy our summer.