Why do you think so?
They have been producing relatively stable around 3k...
See what CR posted on them today - www.caesarsreport.com/blog/metanor-resources-site-visit/

Yes, I have looked at CR scribble.

I think they are one of the numerous for hire experts. You will not find any credentials, qualifications on their blog. They are claiming:  We visited Metanor Resources’ (MTO.V) Bachelor Lake project in Québec in March...

What makes you to believe its true. Even if they did what did the see to make them say: "producing relatively stable around 3k.

and "Being cash flow positive puts Metanor in a strong position to consolidate more assets in the region, as a lot of nearby explorers are running low on cash and might be an attractive addition to the Metanor portfolio..


This company is fighting to stay afloat under heavy debt and other obligations. They need funds at any price.

That's why you see this scribble time to time.