Further, Metanor produced 2,346 ounces of gold during the month of March, bringing the total number of ounces produced from July 2012 to 15,474. The ounces produced in March came from 15,178 tonnes of ore at a grade of 4.96 grams / tonne with a 96.9% recovery.

The average tonnage of March was 490 tonnes per day (TPD) because almost all of the monthly production came from only level 13. The last working stope on level 12 has been completely mined out in February prior to the next stope being ready to mine on the same level. This type of fluctuation of the tonnage on a level frequently occurs in an underground mine. An effective way to eliminate the risk of fluctuation is to have multiple levels in production. Metanor is still in a development phase at the Bachelor project with currently only levels 12 and 13 producing gold. We are currently developing the access to the ore on levels 10, 11, and 14. These new areas will enable the company to have several sources of supply on several levels, and will permit the company to achieve greater and sustained daily tonnages. As of today, there were only 40 meters of development to complete before reaching the mineralized zones of level 14. We expect to reach the zones by May 10th.


Any guesstimate for April production? My guess is 0 or close to 0.

One drill added. Back to exploration / development. Much cheaper then mining.

But how do they suppose to feed 200 highly experinced miners?