RontheCon Perry tells me for the umpteenth time that we'll be producing soon and $ positive too!


MTO garbagement is thrilled to announce the further dilution of your pitiful shares to a lesser degree of potency.  But all is well cause we're gunna be producing soon.  Yeah right like what?...paper.


2 years down on the SSL stranglehold (hey remember that ol Ted Nugent number?)  and a few more to go before NW owns the hole.

Liars, cheats, thieves and cons - but not one gold miner at the table.  And these holes are allowed to continue to operate.  what gives?

Garbagement is useless, inadequate and hopelessly lost in the dark and loads of shareholders keep giving these itheads the benefit of the doubt to continue to fleece them on pie in the sky dreams.  unbelievable.


Anyone who believes one word out of garbagements mouth oughta have their heads examined.