SOmething that we've been waiting for...and not very comfortable. With MTO breaking thru 17, we all need to come to terms with the reality that tha DOWN POINTER  to 13 cent which I have warned was there and shouldn't be ignored and may be a technical target. I didn't want to believe it would be revisited as I have said becauseitseemed to be so extreme..but that's where I continue to fail in my analysis, not believing what the charts are saying. But with gold down nearly another $100 today,there is going to be mass panic to sell golds regardless of value...a classic capitulation.Looks like the RSIs for many golds are headed to close to the extreme near 20, including MTO. No point fretting about it, this is the reality of stock behaviour, and human psychology. 

Also looks like SSL is headed for about $6, and what is happening with POG will probably send DGC to my earlier targetted $10.  Call me crazy if you want but the charts are projecting this. Remember when Sapiens asked me about PNP when it was headed to 1.30. I said sell it's going to $1.00. The charts predicted that...but as you see I was,s now below 50 cents. So I admit my failures..and for those failures I'm leaving this board and not returning. Best wishes to all..and as bad as things are now...I suspect that by the May to July period we will see the golds turn up, and maybe then MTO among others will finally turn to a more bullish technical stance. Really I don't see the purpose of moaning about the realities of the market, or stewing about our collective losses. 

Hope some of the participants here have found value in my posts.!!!