Well we are all asking that given their enthusiasm to start producing them weekly late Feb. But it may be those senior management like RP are busy producing the stats for the quarterly report which should be due within a week or two( but knowing these guys may not come til the end of May). Of course, I will submit without any news about production, potential buyers who are already skeptical about the  history management projections, have little incentive to jump in now without news. So to respond to Mica, this may not be the week to see MTO start it's expected rally. However, if the stock price does hold above 17 cents  and better closes the week there, the technicals still look good for a decent rally soon. Note that as of today we have three half cent down gaps in the past 3 weeks from 20 cents. Clearly with a back drop of butchered gold secutities across the board..we are in a gold stock super bear here that is actually worse than that in 2008. That's a tough trend to break. 

By comparison look at the recent stock behaviour of VIT which is further from production than MTO.The manipulators drove it down to a scarey end of the world 15 cents causiing the  daily RSI to dip to just shy of 20, before the recent news was released...which produced a 50% pop to 23 cents over a mere 3 days. The traders on MTO seem determine to want drive it down as far as possible before any good news report , thus exploiting investor depression.