Are you even old enough to trade?  I stated "in my opinion" hoping for a response that counters showing FACTS about ramp up or possible grade inprovement (which they said would come) or possibilities for LOWER cost or ANYTHING, ANYTHING AT ALL that might surprise to the high side.  But NO, childish name calling and telling the fine board members that other companies suck just as much as this one.

Everything I posted is TRUE and nothing that you have posted has changed that or even has relevance to these statements of FACT.  Any hint  that it might be different?  Please let us know.  ANY chance MTO will release a positive belated report? ANY?  Please put ALL your Money into MTO, I like Darwinism.  The strong will survive and strengthen, the weak end up living in government subsidized housing, something else I wouldn't recommend investing in.


Halifax,Nova Scotia; April 5, 2012 (NYSE Amex: BRD; TSX: BRD) – BrigusGold Corp.(“Brigus” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it produced 16,922 ounces of gold at an average grade of 3.04 grams pertonne (gpt)in the first quarter of 2012 – hitting the top end of its guidance.
Production ramped up through the quarter as operational improvementstook effect. In March, underground
production materially increased as more working faces were opened. Production from the underground mine will continue to improve...The cash cost per ounce sold will be released once all reconciliations are completed. Costs are expected to be lower than originally forecasted for the first quarter of 2012.
As you can see not ALL gold producers are starving for cash, behind schedule and promising but not delivering.  If you wanted to weather out this storm where indeed many gold producers are at their 52 week low you might want to consider one that has the 3 things all juniors need.
Good Management
Good Grade
Good Balance sheet
That is all, I will translate for my friend on ignore.