They were at PDAC, hence the PDAC interview duh. So what if they didn't waste money setting up an exibition booth.

From all the wrong statements you have made on this message board, you have made a lot more wrong statements than RP.

In what public news release or video did RP say they didn't need any more financing except for this latest PDAC interview? This is the first and only time i've seen him say that.

And no, your claims of privately talking to him doesn't count as proof of what he said. An anonymous basher on a message board isn't more reliable information than a company insider making a public statement.

In either case, there is a big difference in saying no more financing while they are getting record production versus saying no more financing while they are building a mill.

What is the "balloon payment" fear mongering you are talking about. The 7 million loan is payable for 12 months at 466.66k a month. The final so called "balloon payment" is $1.399M. So you are trying to present $1.399M as a giant balloon payment, the sky is falling and the world is ending. Total nonsense again.

How can you be sure the $700 estimate doesn't include Sandstorm, don't the other stream miners include Sandstorm in their cost? Even at $1000 cost there is still a decent profit margin with current gold price.  How does that translate to massive funding you keep predicting? Unless you are saying they need to build a new mill every year and try to insert that capital cost into the operating cost. At least your steadfast $1000/oz cash cost is better than your previous $1000/ton ($6000/oz) cost lol.

This is a gold forum, don't drag your dogs here.