BasherT said MTO didn't go to PDAC because they were so bad that they didn't go. WRONG AGAIN

BasherT predicted cash cost well over $1000 per oz. WRONG AGAIN
  (his previous calculation was $1000 per ton = $6000 per oz lol)

BasherT predicted a massive 10+ million funding desperately needed soon. WRONG AGAIN
 He predicted all the good news was pumping for a funding that would soon follow WRONG AGAIN


RP says probably within 30-45 days they will make declaration of commercial production, definition for Quebec income tax and flow through purposes is 60% production for 90 days.

RP says they were not looking to go to capital markets, definitely trying to avoid dilution, flow through off the table, can't do flow through around Barry pit because it was in production, anything accessible by Bachelor shaft is not flow through. Flow through is for several kilometers away.
(in the past to raise funds RP did say they were looking to go to capital markets in interview, but now he's not saying that anymore)