Which was predicted by the chart! How? ..you will notice the daily bar about mid Sep one of the  bars closed at the top . The rules of the technical game project that a stock price will close below that close sometime in the future.That future is today.. the question now is whether it will continue downward to close the UP GAP  at about $9.20.....probability is better than 80% it will.  The good news concerning this predictability is that MTO should close above .265 (see beginning of October on daily) where the bar closed at the bottom. Of course, we all expect much more than that but it's a high probability near term target we can look forward too in the future...once we get over this mental funk accompanying this bottom dredging. It's nice to see that MTO closed today at the bottom of the bar....not so nice though that it didn't gain more upside traction from the gold bar news.