Old long since...

If you have been following MTO for as long as some of us have… and some of us knew well enough to play it… rather than hold it… a certain realisation would have occurred. All corporate managers try to present information to the shareholder in the best way possible unless accounting is so bad that it leads to one of GPT’s favourites (PSN) and countless other examples that fall under investigation.  Reports like the one BT found are abundant and have occurred more than once over this company’s history. I believe that is the main reason this thing hasn’t had a major pop yet. Although this management may look like Rock Stars if GOLD hits 2500… and by their tactics extend the mines life to 30 years but slowing things down so much shows a level of irresponsibility to the shareholder.

A well managed company needs to show concern for shareholders. They are supposed to do things that bolster the stock, generate income, avoid dilution, reinvest in the company, give incentive to investors, keep investors well informed and make personal sacrifices to make sure these things happen.

You need to look no further than the SP to see that this management – to date - has let investors down. They have a lot of work to do to get investor’s sentiment back and break out of its current rut. Other companies have done it and MTO may be next.

Behold… the long term voice of the shareholder.