... like a bridge over troubled water.

You will find that most of MTO's board is underwater on the initial investment because the SP has been so badly beaten by a checkered past. At least all holdings were reported prior to the last meeting. However, they are still collecting paychecks from the company and we are not. It was shareholders money that got the entire ball rolling – as it does for any company that goes public.

Forg likes the term “talking out of their hat” they better not be. It’s because the board is underwater I still like this thing. If the board was underwater and the company was filing for “deep six” it’s one thing. If the board is underwater and there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel… quite another. It starts to become quite the incentive generator.

I’m banking on the premise we may be in the last inning of “teen” pennies as we progress into the year. We should not eliminate the fact that we could be right back here at some point because we are talking about a small cap miner – but for now let’s keep the good news reels going and the base level building.

Happy Valentines Day...

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