Directors are mandated by the shareholders...

Any Director selling their stock near the 52 week low isn't doing the shareholders any favours...buying, selling multiple times, flipping for pennies...looks like he is having fun at shareholders' expense...Any "pumping" or marketing efforts from this company can be flushed down the toilet with a Director selling multiple times...If a director needs to exit a position, this can be done fast and quietly...i.e. contact major shareholders and offer to sell the stock at a discount...a brokerage cross trade....but some directors prefer to put on a show...maybe trying to impress someone by moving the stock up or down a penny...

Maybe if directors were focused on adding shareholder value (as they are mandated to do) they wouldn't have time for "flipping for pennies".

Directors should look at this: Have the Directors explain this and reverse it...shareholders' loss at five years 79.21%...if they cannot, then resign.

Comparative analysis - source:

Shareholders' return:
  1 week 1 month 6 months 1 year 5 years
Metanor Resources Inc +5.00% +13.51% -12.50% -32.26% -79.21%
S&P/TSX COMPS INDEX +0.11% +1.37% +7.31% +3.04% -3.82%


...and this is a mining company...lets strengthen the Board with better qualified directors.