It would be nice if we could “see” the results of the meeting because he must have an “eye” for value because he still has many more shares to sell. Pun intended?

I am sure everyone knows there was an actor by that name…

Tristram Coffin, also known as Tris Coffin, was a film and television actor from the latter 1930s through the 1970s, usually in westerns or other action-adventure productions.

Source: Wikipedia


Born: August 13, 1909, Mammoth

Died: March 26, 1990, Santa Monica

Spouse: Dorothy Coffin


Sheriff Russell "Lucky" Hayden gives a stern warning to Tristram Coffin as his henchman, Donald Curtis, tries to persuade his sister, Alma Carroll, to help him escape the law in this scene rom "A Tornado in the Saddle" ('42 Columbia).

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