While we are waiting here for something to happen...and to offer some relief from unproductive banter..I will briefly discuss trhe bar pattern which I call   .....4...not the one that I just typed..but the typical one that you or I might print. This bar pattern is one of the most reliable to predict an upcoming nearterm bullish move.  If you check out late last September on the daily chart  .use Stockwatch...you will see one version of it. In this case the second bar which produces the 4 symbol closed half a cent from the bottom.  In the trading activitiy that followed there was a move that took the stockprice from 22 cents up to 28 cents..or a 6 cent move which is just over a 25% move. Over the past 3 days of trading you will see the second version of it.In this case the first bar closed at the bottom, and the second bar also closed at the bottom (instesd od just a bit off the bottom like the pattern in September). Noetheless you still ahve the 4 pattern. In over 89% of the cases I've analyzed for many charts, when a stock is in a bottom consolidation, this 4 pattern results in a nice nearterm upside pop. I encourage you for your own due diligence, and verification of what I say(by the way it has taken me many years to dig out that predictive pattern) check out many charts of many different companies to verify what I say here.  So once again I stick my credibility out here...but I'm reasonable confident that another upside pop is imminent based on thispattern.