And the crowd seems to be enaging in another round of selling of the stocks..which could last til June. YRI's chart is predicting a move to at least 15...and maybe back to the 13 area where there is still an outstanding UP GAP.. SSL, as I've said, from the chart looks headed to 10. The implication for MTO is? ...well could get caught up in the sentiment and negative psychology in the sector....just a warning that our wait may go on a while yet regardless of its specific improving fundamentals....but I suspect it will outperform others..perhaps by at least staying within a few cents, up or down, of its current level....but it could also be a shining star if they drill exceptional results, and continue to ramp up to reach or, surprise, exceed their projected production earlier than expected.   No I haven't been drinking.....trying to build on recent optimism is all...but also remain guarded for reality that continued sideways action, suppressed by maniacly negative sector sentiment, is equally probable.


Que sera sera!!!!