Well Mat, Marg and BT… these voices are the voices of the market in any one place and time!

The final day to day and week to week and year to year resultant is the SP chart.

This forum… like many others...  has made something possible to do that wasn’t some years ago. Now you must ask yourself… Is it any better?

The investment community (in this case MTO) has illustrated time and time again… this is the market at work!

It’s not only until now we get somewhat of a play by play of what’s on investor’s mind(s) as investors in any one company or companies make decisions on performance involving due diligence on their investments (while we wait for the CFO to do so as that’s what he/she is paid with investor’s considerable donations).

These “spins” reflect on what’s actually going on for any one investment at one time and end up forming a chart which is actually a log of past events forming a precursor to the future!

What’s important here is that everyone should be arriving at a final profit… Isn’t that interesting?