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If your $119 is correct this will be the most efficent gold mine in history since 1853.
Thanks for the correct though, my mistake.  The actual projected is.
The total unit operating costs are projected to be $103.45 per tonne or $464 per ounce.
Having said that :)
Achieve full commercial production in Q3 2012 averaging 5,000 oz per month. 
The East Zone resource has been recently e-evaluated and downsized by Y. Buro (2005) from 108,864 tonnes at 7.20 g/t (120,000 tons at 0.210 oz/ton) to 61,690 tonnes at 8.88 g/t Au (68,000 tons at 0.259 oz/ton). THAT IS JUST OVER 1/2 ESTIMATED FOR STUDY
Major work has been completed to upgrade the original tailings ponds to current regulation as 
required by the Ministère du Dévelopement Durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs (MDDEP).A bathymetric survey is conducted annually to determine the remaining capacity of the pond for the storage of tailings.  This information will be used to prepare a new certificate request for authorization to raise the dams as required.
The application for Certificate of Authorization to 
proceed with a bulk sample was submitted to the MDDEP in 2010, and is presently being 
reviewed by the government agency.  HAS BEEN AND REPARATIONS ARE REQUIRED.


The work plans arising from these recommendations are estimated at 
$29,700,000 for Phase I and $5,700,000 for Phase II. 
For drifts and raises developed in waste, it has been estimated that $7,100,000 will be 
allocated to capital expenditures.  This amount is not overstated, since more than 183 
metres (600 ft) of drifting will be required to reach the mineralized zones on Level 13 and 
Level 14, while more than 610 metres (2,000 ft) will be needed toward the west. 
According to the estimates, a total of approximately $41,000,000 will be required to bring 
the mine back into production
The Bachelor Lake Gold Project is subject to mining rights in Quebec and municipal, 
provincial and federal income taxes.    Neither mining right payments, nor tax credits were evaluated in 
the current study
The Bachelor Lake property has four royalties: 
• The first royalty is 2% of the revenue with Con Copper up to a maximum of 
• The second is 2% of the revenue generated from the Hewfran claims portion of the 
property with Teck Corporation. 
• The third royalty is 1% of the revenue generated from the Bachelor claims portion with 
Halo Resource. 
• The fourth royalty is 0.25% of the revenue generated from the Bachelor claims portion 
with Wolfden Resource. 
Conversion factors
1 oz  31.1035 g  1 g  0.03215 oz. 
1 oz/ton  34.2857 g/t  g/t  0.0291 oz/ton 
1 pound (avdp) (lb) 0.454 kg  kg  2.2046 lb (avdp) 
1 ton (short) 0.9071 t  t  1.1023 ton (shortt)
They are not making it easy to calculate actuals.
So if you add 89.5MM to your 1.65MM you get (drum roll please) 91.15MM expenditures before tax, administration, finance costs.  
Does this help?