"5.5 grams per ton is the historically normal grade so they are only slightly under."

It doesn't matter what the historic grade was, they are not mining the same historic resources. The historic resources are already removed LOL. The NI 43-101 study gives the reserves and grade that they will be mining, and the location/levels they are mining.

Metanor Intersects 29.63 g/t Over 4.42m, 14.79 g/t Over 14.02m and 19.19 g/t Over 8.48m

You don't think these thick widths that are multiple times higher grade (only 40m away) would increase their grade?

They have so many other drill results of high grade thick widths after their NI 43-101 was done.

In many mines, the deeper you go, the higher the grade, which is where they are mining at now.


"Then why are they wasting money on all these pumper artitlces?"

A news release costs a lot of money?

Did Northern Miner charge MTO to do an interview with them?

Where did they get the cash to buy back the royalty if they are in so desperate need for cash?

"If they don't need money then there is no reason to pump!. "

One good reason is that they want all their options to rise in price and make them rich.

Did they pay Northern Miner to pump? or was NM just doing an article because MTO is starting to enter the production phase and that is their job to report it.

Another reason is all the shareholders harassing them asking when they will be cash flow positive (just like people on this board) so they put out a news release to be transparent on when they expect to be cash flow positive. So many people complain they are not transparent. Do you know of any mining company that discloses their production number on a monthly basis as soon as the month is over? That's amazingly timely reporting compared to all other miners that wait till after the quarter is over. If they don't tell you, then you complain they are not transparent. If they do tell you, then they are pumping. Make up your mind on which way you want it.


$2000 per ounce $800 and $1100 per ounce

How can you be so sure of these numbers, did you do a feasibility study on MTO to come up with these numbers? Every company is different and requires a different DD. Some of those small companies you compared MTO with were mining in Saskatchewan and Nevada which is very different. Do they have access to cheap hydro electric power like Quebec? Do they have the same tax breaks Quebec have?