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Analyst coverage:

Q1 2013 Secutor Capital Mgmt. Analyst Report $0.66/share target [PDF]


Note: the analyst was very conservative, he factored his NPV values based on gold in mid-$1400s three years out, so if we actually have gold at current prices or higher (which I strongly believe is the case) then his upside target number is much greater than $0.66


Q4 2011 Industrial Alliance Securities Report $0.95/share target [PDF]


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Q1 2013 Review by The Northern Miner magazine [PDF]


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Recent company news worth reading:

• February 7, 2013 "Metanor Produces 2,236 oz of Gold in January at its Bachelor Project" [source: yahoo finance marketwire release]


• January 21, 2013 "Metanor Intersects 29.63 g/t Over 4.42m, 14.79 g/t Over 14.02m and 19.19 g/t Over 8.48m at Its Bachelor Project" [source Metanor's website]


• January 14, 2013 'Metanor Anticipates Operating Cash Flow Positive During February' [source Metanor's website]

 SEDAR filings: