"Like you would ever have the power to do that."

If your boss doesn't find out you spend so much time bashing and day trading, then his 3 engineering projects are in trouble from a manager who wastes so much time day trading. Or is that 3 fictitious engineering projects. You're FIRED!


"Are you on crack?  Can't you read Que is in more debit than any province in the entire nation, equivalent to the debit of Spain.  They need to create cash"

They spend billions to build roads and attract companies for Plan Nord and then increase taxes to put companies out of business and scare potential companies away before they even have a chance to move in to Que? You're the one on crack. They desperately need companies to move in to create jobs and get taxes from those jobs created from the people who are employed. The employee taxes create the tax income for them. Or are you saying they will drive companies away and the experienced miners who lost their jobs from the closed mine that went to MTO will have no company to go to, then Que will be left with only unemployed and people on welfare who instead of paying tax will make Que even more in debt? Your crack buddy Pauline Marios and minority government will be ousted soon. A lot of polititions say anything just to get votes and then back down after reality sets in and the election is over.


"(Minutes have not been released - DUH!)"

You're still waiting for the AGM minutes to be released to cause a big drop LOL. It was a total non-event.


The 26.8k oz/yr rate they are mining for the first month of 2013 is ALREADY ABOVE your prediction of 24k oz/yr for 2013. They are in the middle of ramping up. Even if your wish of no more increase in production for the entire year of ramp up becomes true and their production stays flat at their current rate of 26.8k, that will still make you WRONG. Your low ball attempt of capping production at 24k to create fear is already wrong the very first month of 2013.


As usual, it's a total waste of time to talk to you.