Best I can tell MTO is making a net profit of about $2,000.000 per month at the moment.Actually probably a bit less because of unusual expenses incurred in ramping up production.It would be easy to use up $2,000,000

PM at this point in time and truth to tell they are not likely cash positive or they would let us know maybe they hope to do this in the March 6th-14th announcement.

This is in spite of having less than normally expected grades because of the initial drifting required to get into position to follow the ore bearing veins.

Considering that the situation should continue to improve I see no reason why they would have to do another financing.They might ,of course, take up an offer or decide its prudent to get some back up cash reserves.

With hindsight I would have liked to get my shares now rather than earlier,but this looks like the point in development most of us have been waiting for..

Stll lots of ways that things could go pear shaped but I like MTO better than ever at this point.