After checking back from wasting time on BasherT the last time, i see he is still working hard at bashing MTO day in day out. Claiming to work on 3 engineering projects at the same time when he spends all his time bashing MTO and daytrading: you're FIRED!

Acts more like a perma short.

Now with the Quebec minority government fear mongering again, as if cheap hydro electric power and Quebec tax breaks won't help.


BasherT WRONG predictions (only the ones i was around to see)

1) Predicted big drop on release of year end 2012 financial results. WRONG

2) Predicted big drop on AGM shareholder meeting. WRONG

3) Call for "Look out below bagholders" on 13 cent manipulation. Totally BLATANTLY WRONG, it went back up. Telling everybody to sell at the very bottom and he still has the gall to pretend to be the expert who is always right.

4) Water handling big problem. WRONG they're still increasing production

5) 24k oz/yr for 2013. WRONG, they're already producing at a higher rate 26.8k oz/yr

6) Historic production from small 500 tpd mill to limit production. WRONG, they're already producing at higher than his predicted rate using less than half new mill's capacity (447 tpd for Jan).

Repeatedly WRONG over and over again, and he still pretends to be right.