You are such a spinner of untruths, put your head back in the sand.

Here is the actual for 9 months as stated by the company.

bringing the total production since July 2012 to 10,111 oz. of gold.


From latest most transparent company production results:

2,236 oz x 12 months = 26.8k oz/yr

That's already higher than BT's prediction for 2013, therefore according to BT, MTO is one year ahead of schedule!

BT's prediction is on track for >20 000oz in the first year of production.

As a side note production has not yet been announced so in reality the produciton is still ZERO!  Kinda like the amount of money one makes when listening to your advice.

What did the company say 3 years ago?  60000 oz per year?  BT said 1/3....hmmm math really is hard for some folks.  Whateves, at least I don't drive a pinto.


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