I would never presume to pretend that I could predict exactly what will happen Mica....all I can draw from is years of chart analysis that enables me to see repeating tendancies. From a fundamental point of view (heaven forbid) there is reason for some optimism that thiscompany may actually become financially sound.  The technicals at least seem to support that at this time. As I projected this stock closed at the bottom of the bar today...20 cents. Let's see how that affects price in the coming days.It should result in an upside pop sooner than latter. I do know the recent pattern/activity has suggested that the stock should make a near term move to 29 to  31 cents. ( ie: 23-19= 4, 4x3=12, 12 + 19 = 31).  There is no guarantee this will happen...but probability favors that it will. If it did, that would be a very encouraging technical move. ..that could result in other technical targets being delineated...perhaps to 40 or 50.....but let's just take thing one step at a time