Jim Sinclair have worked in finance and metal for more than 50 years and had predicted the top of gold market in 1980,one week before it top.This man can recognize a rigging market and the modus operanti of those making it ; in the 1970 years,he has been working  for an hedge fund and did some dirty jobs for them,so he know(don't think) what he is talking about.

He have predicted gold price at $1650,years before it occured,and is now predicting that gold price will go to and through $3500.

So why gold is stocking around $1650,at this time?The paper gold market is being used to shake the bullish tree harder this time than any time before because of what is to come.Fear is the most powerful emotion in markets and it is being used perfectly to enrich the grand names of finance at your expense..............

Clearly the gold banks will try to get gold into capitulation point and hedge funds are doing so with your shares............We are right in front of that time when the market performs a classic bottom both in shares and gold.From this point,gold is going to and through $3500.That is why what happened now is happening in the first place(rf : Jim Sinclair)

THIS IS NOT LIQUIDATION(GOLD OR SHARES),IT IS PRICE MOUVEMENT ONLY;and curiously just before the US budget scheduled in May,what a coincidence!