Fire River production …

MTO is in a far better position than these musketeers for various reasons.  Besides Forg’s points… Quebec is fairly supportive to these companies and the government itself allows many breaks for miners.  You can all do your own DD but MTO seems in the best position – currently. This company has been in much worse shape and it’s still going.

For those that have followed this blog and have been reading some posts that many have put a good amount of effort into… not just one line blurbs like on other blogs full of pumpers and dumpers. We have a good panel of experience here, but you know with the behaviour of the market that even that may not be enough. I have said this before and I will say it again. For these types of companies you should never be fully invested until it’s time to be fully invested… if you so choose.  There’s nothing wrong with taking a “base level” position and building on it as it grows. That way if it goes north in a hurry at least you can participate and if it goes south you may be down but not out. I know everyone has different situations but you should never be fully invested at any one time in a trading type account. You should always have cash aside to deploy it when you feel right about it. When the market was crashing in 08/09 I was so overwhelmed with the value out there that I couldn’t buy enough of the companies I was interested in. I haven’t had a cash position that low since. These opportunities show face once in a while and that’s how you build wealth.  In other words… don’t get too deep in any one stock because that’s when your portfolio will become vulnerable. This is just my opinion and you can do with it as you feel best.

It will be nice to see GPT’s excitement follow through because he is one of the most “gut honest charters” I’ve ever blogged with… on any site.