What's the greatest asset of any company?it's human resources and lastly MTO hired twelve more qualified miners.........WHY? PROBABLY TO MAKE SOME POP CORN and certainly not for extracting ore from BL.They hired a geologist as a baby-sitter an certainly not to develop BL.They are drilling BL mining area since more than a year whitout any interruption just to dilute a little bit more MTO's share and certainly not to extend the life of the mine.Sandstorm has paid 20 millions as an upfront paiement just to show Christian charity and certainly not to get e return on it;that paiement has no garanty except a minimum payback of 20 millions of gold in a fixed time frame.

Are you serious,Mike,about MTO filing for bankruptcy or is it just a lack of  bankruptcy in doing that just to scare shareholders.You really think that Nolan Watson is an idiot  letting MTO in Bankruptcy just for a few millions more.Are you kidding us or are you still speaking through your hat?