Should be hearing something about the numbers in the next 10 days or so... next week perhaps? It would be nice if these guys were a little more interactive with shareholders on what's going on and general progress. You know... outcomes of meetings - etc...Then again... asking management of these companies for play by play is like asking a person from the South of France if they have ever been to Mexico.

In this day and age... shouldn't shareholders have access to all that information like it's done for a "Super Bowl Game". Shareholders should have access to that shouldn't they? After all we are part owners. Maybe companies should have live videos of plant operations on their website! Eh... Eh... that's the way I would do it. Then again... I would also make it a point to hold majority shares in the company I run. So many corporate managers don't... and that's the reality of it. Oh... but at a corporate level... that may be being "overly" honest.

BTW... still haven't found my wishing well... anybody?