Looks like long term shareholders of american bonanza have been through quite the opposite of a "bonanza".

Some of you may remember a prior post of mine... Tyler Resources was mentioned. Goes some years back, but I had quite a few shares of that one and a similar price action was occurring... shortly after a poison pill was adopted (shareholder rights plan). The company that took it over was from China. They ended up taking the shares out at roughly DOUBLE THE SHARE PRICE. We can use this as an example as many things can happen in the wonderful world of mining. What can also transpire is a bidding war... which would add some excitement for a change. However, that would require MTO's books to be greener than an Irish summer pasture.

Something tells me that if anyone takes this thing it will probably be Sandstorm in the form of an extended partnership or share purchase. For all we know something could be going on as we blog!