I am afraid it starts at the top. Look at the bank and auto bailouts during the “financial crisis”. That should have never happened.  The way the system supposed to work is that the companies that were doing well should have had the opportunity to pick up the pieces of the other companies through bankruptcy process.

It would appear that someone had an agenda through that whole process because tax-payers money should have never been used that way. The reality is that this is the system we have and you can never have enough regulation because it’s primarily regulated by emotions like euphoria, fear and greed.  Just look at the build-up in RIM SP with the new i-phone… we know it’s turned into a show me story because the euphoria is over once the phone hits the market.

MTO has to keep its head straight and work towards making a profit and reinvesting when it gets there because it too has become a show me story. it’s not alone when it comes to the ways of the market.