What I believe “Forg” is trying to get at, but didn’t let me finish in our last dialogue…


It would appear that this trader has the ability to create a situation that’s termed “creep”. With the relatively thin trade volumes these types of companies endure… a “big block” trader can cause… presuming it’s the same seller and buyer via an anonymous… a daily trading outcome. Sort of like what the fed is doing at a much smaller scale. With trading “creep” the SP trading swaps can regulate the SP outcome as they transpire.  Generally, it’s caused by a seller (or buyer) that has the ability to buy back (or sell) their own shares on the open market at whatever increment they wish.  The bonus is they can write off the interest charges and cost of the transactions. Creep can cause a SP to maintain, decline or uptick.  It all depends on what the “major” seller/buyer wants to do.  If you look at “narrowly traded” MTO… it may have fallen a victim to this phenomenon. The company can stave it off by major insider buying or showing progress or a profit… that will cause the trader in question to change their tune. I’m thinking about writing a book on this topic… but that would take too much out of my “vacation” time.

This also occurs in the broader market because of the deep FED pockets (BTW it’s all tax payers money and that’s not really any different than fund managers).  You will notice that whenever a market is topping there is always some market generated talk about a correction… that’s because the broader market shorts are expecting it and are applying pressure to do so. As the opposite is true during market bottoms.

Let’s get some numbers going MTO! We need more DATA!