Disagree completely with you.It's very hard to explain why 7 TD sec and anonymous(anonymous may act for 7TD sec) are bashing and pulling down MTO''s price since over one year and keep going so lastly?Just to review the day trading of MTO to give an inquiring look at anybody watching these trades?Computers are using HFT,not big boys on a daily modus operanti.

Supposing now that MTO will succeed to ram up it production at 60,000 ounces and that the price of gold will reach $ 3500 per ounces as is telling to us Jim Sinclair,what would be the price of MTO?Bashing MTO's price to accumulate shares should become a very lucrative investment?

You probably don't spend through years of 1979- 1980 bull market in gold shares,so you can't understand that any share worthing $0.20 may become a ten,twenty,fifty bagger.

Have a good weekend!