I sold 20,000 at 21.5 from a different account when it became evident there would be no follow thru, so I would have cash to buy lower. Whether I sold the lot I bot at 21.5 or the stock I bot at .195 is a moot point...just wanted to have some cash to buy lower ...and not see some gain or break even be lost.   Let's face it, nobody is really making any significant money here on the stock, not even Coffin if he's the  anonymous seller.  We could still be waitng months before this starts to get into a firm bullish trend..maybe even as long as June or July  when the seasonally strongest period begins again. The gold group seems to be sagging again, and even the fundamentally strong ones are starting to keel over yet again. Having held this so long now, and holding so much of this stock I intend to tough it out  until at least the reasonable tech target of 40 cents is achieved.