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 Financing Details
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Metanor Resources Inc.    
Private Placement - 27/Dec/2012  
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Purchaser  Sort by Purchasers
Sec. Bought*  Sort by Quantity
Pur. Price Curr. Security Type
Tranche Sort by Tranches
Tranche Date F/T
. Other Placee(s)   10970162   $0.240   CDN   Share       Yes
Pascal Hamelin   41000   $0.240   CDN   Share       Yes

Proceeds Distribution
Proceeds Currency Description
$2,642,679 CDN n/a

Financial Security Details
Security Issued Total Description Terms & Conversion Terms F/T*
Share MTO 11,011,162.00 @ $0.240 CDN     Yes 
*Historical, F/T - Flow Through


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